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VoIP Phone Systems

Whether you operate a large call centre, or are a small business looking to add some features to your phone system, we can help.

Prairie IT Services offers several solutions to setup a new phone system or upgrade an existing phone system. With different options available, we can make the transition quick, easy, and worry free.

We’ll start by looking at your current phone system and reviewing your phone bill with you to determine the best way to save you money. Next, we’ll go over what options and features are available. We’ll work with you to figure out what features would make your business more efficient. Finally, we’ll design a system that meets your requirements.

We can integrate into an existing network, or setup a custom voice network that allows us to prioritize voice traffic, so you can minimize worrying about those choppy phone calls or dropped calls!

Take a look at just some of the features our systems can provide:

  • Shared and Personal Voicemail Boxes
  • After Hours Attendant
  • Remote Phones For Workers On The Go
  • LED Line Usage Indicators With Speed Dial
  • Video Calling
  • Analog or SIP Based Trunking
  • Music While On Hold
  • Bluetooth Headset Compatible Phones
  • Integrated Intercom and Paging
  • Voicemail To Email
  • And So Much More...

While every system we do is custom, there are typically 3 main starting points when it comes to phone systems. We will work with you directly to determine which system is most appropriate for you.


The “Hosted” package is a fully online cloud-based solution. The PBX and all programming is all online which makes for a lighter up front cost. The advantage to this method is once everything is set up and configured, you can plug your phone in anywhere with an internet connection and carry on, business as usual! Each phone would require a dedicated line and internet connection.
Upfront costs: Lower
Monthly costs: Higher

Full VoIP

A “Full VoIP” package has a local PBX that all the phones tie back to. Using this set up allows for a single line to run multiple extensions. You can have several phones managed locally from the PBX which would be a lower monthly vs Hosted depending on the number of phones required. The PBX would require a solid internet connection.
Upfront Costs: Middle of the road
Monthly Costs: Middle of the Road


The “Hybrid” package offers many of the same capabilities as the “Full VoIP” package, while utilizing pre-existing analog phone lines. The existing phone lines would be converted to a usable source for a local PBX. This gives the ability to have all the benefits of a Full VoIP set up, while maintaining uptime even with slower internet or interruptions to internet services.
Upfront Costs: Higher
Monthly Costs: Lower

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