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Managed I.T.

Managed Services and Support

Why wait until something is completely broken before addressing the warning signs? With preventative maintenance and reports on all our managed clients, we can help predict and prevent those issues before they become detrimental to your business. This allows for little to no downtime during operating hours. What would you do if your business came to a halt for a couple hours, or a couple of days, due to a bug or defective piece of hardware that could have been prevented or repaired with regular maintenance?

Managed IT services and preventative maintenance can help keep your equipment up to date, bug free and can be maintained outside of business hours allowing for no downtime during peak hours.

Our Managed IT services can give you the peace of mind that you want and need, knowing that you’re being properly looked after. You won’t get a bill every time you want to ask a question. We structure our plans around the number of devices you have on your network and offer only two different plans, basic and enterprise. No multi-tier confusion, no add-ons to consider, just clean and simple. You will feel confident in what you’re getting and know that you aren’t paying for anything that you don’t need!

Structured Cabling

Need some new lines run? Expanding your office and need some data drops? Have a new build and want some data/voice lines roughed in? We are Class M licensed, and we take pride in our work! Don’t settle for “good enough” or “it’s working so it’s fine”. Prairie IT Services will ensure your lines are run clean and up to code! Now every room can have a direct internet connection!

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