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Residential Support

Computer Diagnostic and Repair

Do you need your home computer repaired? Schedule a time to drop off your computer by calling, emailing or visiting our office. We will do our best to get it repaired quickly and properly so that you have a short turnaround time.

We will collect contact information and a short description of the issue. We then utilize our experience and our large set of tools to perform a full diagnostic check to isolate even the toughest problem. After the issue has been determined we will contact you by phone or email with a description of the issue, the solution and a quote of how much it will cost to be fixed. We will not repair your computer or printer without your consent. Sometimes devices are beyond economical repair, we will always advise this and never try to sell you something you dont need.

On-Site Support

Though most of the work concerning residential support is handled in our shop (drop-offs) there are some circumstances where we may need to visit your home and be on site to fix the issue. Often, the issues you face might not be with the computer itself but instead related to the environment such as a bad mouse, faulty power bar, a heater plugged in, a bad printer causing the computer to crash etc. We are better suited to fixing those issues on site.

Computer Sales

Fortunately (or unfortunately as is often the case) in the computer industry, there are a ton of options to consider when purchasing a new computer.

Let us take out the guess work for you and make getting that needed computer much, much easier. How do we accomplish that? By providing quotes on as many or as few options as you need. We’ll ask specific questions to help you narrow down your choices and in the end provide the right computer solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Need something more powerful than the typical options you can find in the everyday market? No problem! We also specialize in building custom computers. From custom gaming power houses to performance video editing machines, we've got you covered!

What about software? Yes we can help there too! From Microsoft Office or Anti-Virus options to even that old game you played that one time. Our goal is to make sure that once you receive your computer, you are ready to just plug and play!

Managed IT

Interested in subscribing to a preventative maintenance plan? While typically this option is geared towards businesses, we can accommodate those residential clients that would like to have peace of mind! Contact us today to find out how our Managed IT Services can help you!

Remote Support

Very often we can troubleshoot your computer issue remotely. As long as you have a steady internet connection, we can connect back to update software, troubleshoot computer errors, even clean up a virus infection using various utilities at our disposal. Within minutes you can be back up and running to continue on with your work. Call us today for more information or to request some remote support!

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